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Innovative Education & Training in high power laser plasmasPowerLaPs  aims to trigger the last year Bachelor, Master and PhD students, to enhance their studies  and improve their skills for employability in the scientific area of Plasma Physics and High Power Lasers. The educational and the relevant training methods will focus on four thematic priorities:

  1. Plasma Physics – Theory and Experiments
  2. High Power Laser Matter Interactions/High Energy Density Physics – Theory and Experiments
  3. Computational Modeling & Simulations in Laser Matter Interactions.
  4. Laser Plasma Diagnostics – Theory and Experiments

not accessible till now to students and not included in typical academic curricula. The proposed courses will be developed, in a period of two years, in the form of state of the art theoretical, applied and laboratory training accompanied by intensive programmes IP’s, in the worldwide arising and rapidly expanding field of high power laser plasmas. The main aim is to challenge the beneficials to fulfill their knowledge status and scientific working skills in topics that are at the cutting edge of technology today. By targeting to these groups of people, the horizontal priority to improve achievement of relevant and high-level quality skills and competences in a lifelong learning perspective is achieved, since these are the main objectives of the project PowerLaPs, focusing to open and innovative education, training and youth work, embedded in the digital era. This field of knowledge will be leading science and technology for at least the next twenty years as proven by the thematic areas of the EU roadmap of research infrastructures (i.e. HiPER/NIF, ELI, XFEL).

The driving force for the successful accomplishment of the project is the internationally renowned Centre of Plasma Physics & Lasers of TEI of Crete – CPPL (http://www.cppl.teicrete.gr), pursuing cutting edge research on High Intensity Laser Plasma Interactions, Physics and Technology of Ultrashort/Ultraintense Laser Generated Secondary Sources, Development and Applications of State of the Art Pulsed Power Devices and Laser Based Diagnostics Development for Plasmas and Materials. CPPL is a unique laser research infrastructure serving as one of the two “access points” of the HELLAS-National Research Infrastructure (NRI) as well as EU and International “access point” for research, training and education in the aforementioned fields. Former collaboration of the proposed partners led to the Erasmus Curriculum Development Project “PLAPA – Plasma Physics & Applications”, that is successfully running in TEI of Crete as a International Masters Programme since 2014 and will be strongly connected with PowerLaPs. Also, ERASMUS IP’ s and European Projects have been successfully completed under such internship proposed and coordinated by the TEI of Crete. It is important to note that EU in 2013 awarded TEI of Crete the second prize for the quality and the quantity of the Erasmus actions, coordinated and managed by its staff members. Furthermore TEI of Crete gained 6 out of 9 prizes awarded from IKY (National Agency) to the coordinators of the Hellenic Erasmus Intensive Programs. These good practices and gained experience will be integrated in the present programme, leading to high quality implementation under well established rules and successful strategy maximizing the output. The Powerlaps’ outputs will become an open e-platform of advance training to EU universities and worldwide, providing access to the digital educational and training material that will be delivered. For first time the theory of the proposed four hot thematic areas will be delivered in a form of theoretical courses accompanied with corresponding experiments and applied hands on training material that will be developed and delivered from the leading expert Professors and Scientists in Europe. Each thematic priority will be developed by the contribution of all participants, will be implemented and tested in practice by the correspondent activity leading organizations, chosen according to their expertise and finally delivered and applied in two annual IP’s in CPPL where the final evaluation will take place.

Attendants will gain additional skills through study and training inside and outside of their countries that will encourage cross-border co-operation and increase higher education quality and profession skills. The developed educational and training material will be open and accessible from e-class and distance learning e-platforms (already existing). Attendants that will successfully complete the proposed educating and skill development program will gain high quality and professional training from top scientists & engineers in the innovative fields of laser produced plasmas, laser physics and fusion, focused at plasma research in the academic or the private sector of plasma industry, optoelectronics, microelectronics, material processing, fusion engineering and relevant leading edge laser innovations.

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