4th Training Week (Salamanca)

The fourth training week “Laser Plasma Diagnostics – Theory and Experiments” Intensive program was held at University of Salamanca in Salamanca (Spain) during 25-29 of March 2019.

Number of Participating Students per Organization

Technological Educational Institute of Crete3
Panepistimio Ioanninon3
University of York3
The Queen’s University of Belfast2
Universite de Bordeaux3
Ecole Polytechnique0
Universidad de Salamanca3
Ceske Vysoke Uceni Technicke V Praze3

Training Program  (Timetable)


Lecture 1. Laser-plasma diagnostics: Introduction Ion diagnsostic and Ion for diagnostic (Luca Volpe, USAL CLPU )

Lecture 2. High Intensity lasers characterization (Luis Roso, USAL CLPU )

Lecture 3. Photonic-based electron density diagnostic tool, K alpha measurement of proton beams (Wendell Hill, University of Maryland)

Lecture 4. Optical streak camera methods (Giancarlo Gatti, CLPU)

Lecture 5. Numerical methods for diagnostics (Michael Touati, CLPU)

Lecture 6. Introduction to solid-state lasers: design, characterization and applications (Mauricio Rico, CLPU)

Lecture 7. Terahertz detection and emission using plasma waves based devices (Yahya Miazani, USAL)

Lecture 8. Ultrafast laser pulses characterization for applications (Iñigo Sola, USAL)

Lecture 9. Charged particle transport in Warm Dense Matter and HED plasmas (Sofia Malko, CLPU)

Lecture 10. Under critical and near critical dense plasmas: laser-driven particle acceleration and diagnostics (Carlos Salgado, CLPU)

Lecture 11. Charged particle detectors: Thompson parabola (Jon Imanol Apiñaniz, CLPU)

Lecture 12. Liquid targets (Massimo De Marco, CLPU)

Lecture 13. X- ray diagnostics: Kirk Patrick-Baez Microscope (Ghassan Zeraouli, CLPU)

Lecture 14. Laser driven ion acceleration at VEGA-II (Marine Huault, CLPU)

Lecture 15. Charged partcile detectors: Time of Flight technique (Valeria Ospina, CLPU)

Lecture 16. Radiation protection fremework for short duration radiation and particle beams (Jose Manuel Alvarez, CLPU)

Laboratory courses

Terahertz generation laboratory (Yahya Miazani, USAL)

Liquid target interferometry, (Massimo De Marco, CLPU)

X-ray generation and diagnostics laboratory (Sophia Malko, CLPU)

Oscillator laboratory (Mauricio Rico, CLPU)