TEI of Crete

The TEI of Crete is a Public Higher Education Institution, has been part of the Hellenic Tertiary Education since 1983, and is one of the 40 Higher Education establishments as of 2011. Its Mission includes Undergraduate Education consisting of 15 First Degree Courses, 6 Postgraduate Degrees, and Education & Research, directly contributing to regional and broader development, through lifelong learning, high profile technological and consultancy services to industry, and technology and knowledge transfer. The TEI of Crete, with its more than 200 highly qualified permanent academic staff members, 200 part-time associated lecturers and c.150 fully adequate technical and clerical staff, provides high quality education (documented by all external evaluators) to c. 15,000 students. Education is delivered at the main campus in Heraklion and at 5 branches in all the other cities of Crete (Chania,Rethymnon, Aghios Nikolaos, Ierapetra and Siteia).

There are limitless opportunities for active student participation in Research and Development projects (the TEI of Crete has the top success rate and recognition in research among its peers), for student exchanges with over 150 foreign universities and for paid work at the TEI laboratories. Graduates can also continue with Postgraduate Studies at the Institute or at cooperating Universities in Greece and abroad, with the active support of the Professors of the TEI Crete. Spiritual, artistic and entertainment activities in and around the Institute are varied and shared by students and staff, with the financial support of the TEI of Crete. Personal care and advice is provided to new incoming students by the multi-lingual staff of the International Office and the skilled staff at the Schools, and by the newly established Student Advice Centre.

The TEI of Crete has demonstrated great success on a European stage in the academic year 2013-2014 with many activities in the framework of the different activities of the Programme LLP-ERASMUS. Thus we had the opportunity to organize 6 Intensive Programmes and a Curriculum Development Programme. For these activities in the previous years, the TEI of CRETE was awarded with the Silver European Award for Good Practice in ERASMUS and 6 out of 12 awards from IKY (State Scholarship Foundation) for our IPs on a national level. These activities and successes help the recognisability of the TEI at a European level and thus for the choice of the TEI of Crete by many students and professors in order to carry out a period of study or to present lectures in the framework of the Erasmus Programme. The TEI of Crete is committed to offering quality Higher Education and research at a Regional, National, European and International level. In December 2012 the research activity in CPPL concerning laser inertia fusion was recognized as outstanding (in the field of sciences) for the year 2012 by a special committee of the Ministry of Education. CPPL is part of TEI of Crete, hosted in a new state of the art 3000 square meters building, addressing the new engineering design needs for hosting high-power femtosecond lasers and relevant applications in the fields of laser-matter and laser-plasma interactions and applications. Special care has been taken for anti-vibrational laboratory floor, completely isolated by the side walls and the rest of the building structure. Electro-mechanical devices ensure stable temperature and humidity conditions throughout the year, as well high indoor pressure for the achievement of dust free environment. The new building infrastructure includes autonomous support facilities for the Academic and Administration personnel, like Conference room, Meeting room, Library, Accommodate office stations (35), Restaurant. CPPL is located in a magnificent area to the center of the Crete Island at the city of Rethymnon, viewing the deep blue Aegean sea.

The Academic team of CPPL of TEI of Crete, is pursuing cutting edge education & research in High Power Laser Plasma Interactions, Physics and Technology of Ultrashort Laser Generated Secondary Sources, Development and Applications of State of the Art Pulsed Power Devices, Laser Based Diagnostics Development for Plasmas and Materials, Numerical modeling and Simulations of Advanced Physics and Engineering problems. The main fields include education and research in Laser Matter interactions, Fundamental HiPER-related Science, pulsed power generated plasmas & applications, Laser plasma and material diagnostics, investigation of Laser Specifications for the Fundamental Science of HiPER, High intensity laser plasma interactions, HiPER Target and Shield Requirements Simulations, Numerical Modeling and Computational Simulations of Laser Matter Interactions and Plasma Physics problems. The CPPL/TEI of Crete has developed dedicated education programmes connected with research (such as the international HiPER training programme), the MSc course Plasma Physics and Applications developed via the Erasmus CD programme. This fact gives the group experience, know how and confidence in education programmes, adapting and integrating in curriculums the new knowledge produced by research. This is an important goal of any academic community and academic institution worldwide.

The key persons in this proposal are:

  1. M. Tatarakis, Professor of Department of Electronic Engineering Founder and Head of the Centre for Plasma Physics & Lasers – CPPL and also Founder and Director of PLAPA Master program, HiPER-Scientific coordinator for the Fundamental Science Programme, Proposer & Scientific Coordinator of the ERASMUS-IP “Optoelectronics, Lasers & Applications”, TEI of Crete/Department of Electronics/CPPL (2005-2008). APPEPLA – 2012″, and “HIPOLIN – 2013-2014”. Among his main interests are the improvement of curricula and quality of Higher Education, the research on Laser matter interactions, Z-pinch, X-pinch and Plasma Focus configurations, X-ray applications as well as the development of pulsed power optoelectronic plasma devices.
  2. N. Papadogiannis, Professor and Head of the Department of Music Technology & Acoustics Engineering and member of TEI of Crete council. He is the Vice Administrator of the Centre for Plasma Physics & Lasers (CPPL). His main interests are the Ultrafast laser Matter Interactions, Ultrafast femtosecond and attosecond laser pulses, High harmonic generation from Gas, Surfaces and Plasmas, Laser Ultrasonics, Laser Acoustics and Optoacoustics, Non-linear multiphoton, tunnel and field ionization of atoms, Material and Plasma Laser Characterization, Dynamic Holography and Electronic Speckle Interferometry.
  3. E. Bakarezos, Associate Professor at the Department of Music Technology & Acoustics Engineering of T.E.I. of Crete. His main research activities are: Nonlinear optical phenomena in semiconductors and low-dimensional semiconducting structures, Development and optical characterization of structured organic materials and polymer nanocrystals, Intense laser-matter interaction and study of the emitted radiation, laser-plasma interaction and diagnostics development, Generation and characterization of high-frequency ultrasounds produced by ultrafast laser matter interaction, Optical properties of novel materials for optoelectronic applications, Non-destructive material testing and vibration detection using laser holographic techniques (ESPI).
  4. V. Dimitriou, Assistant Professor at the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering. His main research activities are: Finite Element Methods and mesh generation techniques for mechanical applications and physical phenomena, Meshless, Boundary and Particle FEM simulation methods, Numerical methods, programming and development of Computer Aided Design, Finite Element and PDE’s modeling and simulation software, Computational Mechanics, Parallel processing & High Performance Computing.