University of York

The University of York was founded in 1963 with 200 students. Since then, it has expanded to 11,000 students and has over 30 academic departments and research centres. From its inception, the University has concentrated on strong viable departments and teaching and research of the highest quality. The quality of York’s teaching has received many accolades. York and Cambridge top the teaching league with the highest scores in official teaching assessments.

In the department of physics our research in the area of plasma physics is focused on three main areas, Magnetic Confinement Fusion Plasmas (Led by Prof. Howard Wilson), Laser Plasmas (Led by Prof. Greg Tallents) and technological Plasmas (Led by Prof. Timo Gans). We are the the lead university for the EPSRC funded Center for Doctoral Training in Plasma Physics and Fusion in the UK. The plasma physics and fusion group consists of a total of 17 permanently employed faculty level academic staff. We also run an MSc in Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy, which is taught on-site in a dedicated learning suite in the York Plasma Institute which is an Institute within the Department of Physics.

Research in the Department on plasma physics is in two important areas: (i) theoretical magnetic confinement fusion studies and (ii) experimental and theoretical laser plasma work. We have a broad research expertise including specialists in both experimental, computational and theoretical laser-plasma physics. Prof Greg Tallents, Prof Nigel Woolsey, Dr Chris Murphy and Dr Kate Lancaster are all leading laser-plasma experimentalists working on diverse topics from inertial fusion to laboratory astrophysics, whilst Dr Chris Ridgers is a leading modeller in the area of laser-plasma interactions focusing particularly upon electron transport and QED phenomena at ultra-high intensities, Emeritus Professor Geoff Pert is a leading laser-plasma theoretician and modeller and FRS, whilst Dr Andy Higginbotham specialises in High Energy Density Physics and EOS studies.

Dr John Pasley, the contact person for York, is involved in both experimental and simulation studies and has a broad range of expertise in both teaching and research related to laser-plasma interactions and inertial confinement fusion. Dr Pasley developed an 18 lecture taught course on inertial fusion which still forms the bedrock of the teaching of this subject in the Department. Dr Pasley has also been involved extensively in teaching at summer schools, both in Crete and elsewhere, for the past 8 years.